Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, the Modern Music Workshop specializes in musical instruction for a variety of acoustic instruments. Through ongoing private musical instruction and "Master Classes" held thoroughout the year, students collaborate with some of the finest talent in acoustic music today.

Ron Block and Cory Walker at Modern Music Workshop
Ron Block of Allison Krauss and Union Station teaching a banjo Master Class with Cory Walker.

Jason Thomas Master Class Mandolin Modern Music Workshop
Jason Thomas of The Claire Lynch Band teaching a Mandolin Master Class.

- Guitar (bluegrass, classical, jazz) - Mandolin
- Banjo - Violin/Fiddle
- Bass - Flute
- Dobro - Euphonium, Low Brass
In addition to the quality private lesson instruction, the Modern Music Workshop hosts concerts throughout the year and is a full music production studio. Please contact us today for info on lessons or your next musical project.
Clay Hess and Adam Steffey Modern Music Workshop Concert Image
Adam Steffey and Clay Hess concert produced by the Modern Music Workshop in January 2009.


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